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WRCA At A Glance | Quick overview of WRCA at a glance.

WRCA Parent-Student Handbook | Our latest Parent-Student Handbook (2021-2022)

COVID-19 Protocols | WRCA’s COVID-19 Protocols (Updated 12 Jan 2022)

Health Check | Health Check information

Schedules and Calendars

Daily Schedule | Daily schedule at WRCA

Event Calendar | Month-to-Month calendar of events and happenings of note throughout the year

Athletics Tournament Dates G4-G12 Regional (2021-2022) | List of tentative athletics tournament event days for G4-G12 for 2021-2022 (BCSSAA and GVISSA). Please note that these are provincial and regional dates for planning purposes and does not necessarily imply finalized Athletic program offerings through WRCA.

Holiday Calendar for 2021-2022 (Updated 07 Jan 2022) | Quick list of school holidays, closures and Professional Development days

Other Essential Links

IB FAQ | Details TBA

Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation (Reporting Form) – Junior School

Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation (Reporting Form) – Senior School

Club Care Registration Form | This optional program is specifically designed to care for WRCA children in Kindergarten to Grade 2 who are waiting for their older siblings to finish school. Club Care runs from 2:50 pm to 3:30 pm.

Communicable Illness List | If your child is sick, check our suggested actions list

Contact Information Update (Student) | Provide us with changes to student contact information

Core Programs and Learning Opportunities | Info on our core programs and learning opportunities moving forward.

Drivers Form (Parent Volunteers) | Application to be a volunteer driver for student trips *UPDATED Sept 2021*

Library Guidelines | Understand our library guidelines

Library Resources | Access our LCMS Website and online Academic Journals for research papers

Managebac Log In | Access your child’s report card

MSL Progression Overview | *UPDATED June 2020 * Info on our Mission Service Learning progression

Off Campus Form for G8-G12 | This form is to be signed by G8-G12 students and parents to be permitted to leave campus at lunchtime.

Pre-Authorized Debit For Tuition Payment | Set-up automatic withdrawal for monthly tuition payments (Updated Feb 2021)

Remittance Forms (Senior School) | Details TBA

School Supply Lists | School supplies for Junior School and Senior School for School Year

Society Membership Application | Become an active member of our school governance. Membership is open to all parents, alumni, grandparents who have been part of the school community one year or more | [ Society Member Standards ]

Technology Use (Mobile Devices) | Important information about technology use (mobile devices) at WRCA

Tuition Information | Learn more about the tuition process

Tuition Grid | View the Tuition Grid for 2021-2022

Uniform Store and Uniform Expectations | All you need to know about uniforms at WRCA

Volunteer Hours | Track your volunteer hours and submit to the office

Weather-Related Closure Procedures | Procedures for winter or other weather-related closures

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