Our school exists to inspire and cultivate citizens of Godly character that transform their world for Christ. We believe that athletics plays an important role in achieving this mission. Our athletes (Warriors) explore the limits of their potential and push each other to achieve things they could not do alone.

Development and Growth

A strong athletics program gives students the opportunity to experience growth outside the classroom through leadership, teamwork, and mentorship. Our athletic program is designed to introduce a core sport and build fundamental skills at the Junior level while Senior athletes act as mentors and role models. As a JK to Grade 12 school, our athletes serve as important role models for our younger students and inspire them with the vision of what a team of committed athletes can achieve. Our athletes experience tremendous growth throughout their seasons both physically and spiritually. Our athletes learn about Godly character. They learn about self-discipline and self-control. They learn about balance as they learn to navigate the pressures of athletics with all the other demands of life. Our athletes are challenged to transform their world for Christ. As participants in sports, our athletes are in the world demonstrating not only excellent athletic prowess but also character.

2022-2023 Recap:

  • 157 students participated in sports in grades 8-12.
  • 15+ coaches lead sports teams for grades 8-12.
  • 57 athletes competed in Provincial Championships.

Championships Won:

  • Jr. Boys XC SSSAA, SFAA
  • XC Overall BCCSSAA
  • Sr. Girls Volleyball – GVISAA
  • Jr. Girls Volleyball – SSSAA Tier II
  • Jr. Girls Basketball – SSSAA Tier II, GVISAA
  • G8 Boys Track and Field – BCCSSAA
  • Jr Boys Track and Field – SSSAA, SFAA

Building A Lasting Legacy

Sport is a great tool for learning about life. At WRCA, we promote sport and encourage competition at a very young age to give students opportunities to push themselves and discover new talents. We encourage sportsmanship and teamwork, and strive to see our athletes impacting their communities in positive ways. While not all of our athletes will continue to play sports after high school, we feel that through sport they have been prepared for adversity and equipped with perseverance. We are also very proud to celebrate those students who go on to play any sport at a post-secondary level, and we often see them back at WRCA, coaching or simply supporting our athletes.

Athlete and Parent Commitment

Athletics requires community engagement. We desire buy in from coaches, teachers, fans, and most importantly- the athletes and their parents. We believe that the involvement of many adds to the success of our athletes.

We want to represent both Christ and our school well, and this should give us consistency in that. Thank you so much and we look forward to a great year and future years in Athletics.