Our parents are an integral part of our school community. They are passionate about a quality Christian education and volunteer many hours to support club programs, fundraising initiatives and the day-to-day activities that enrich our students' learning experiences.

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Class Parent Representative

At WRCA our parents have formed a leadership team called Class Parent Representatives (CPRs). Each grade (Senior School) or class (Junior School) appoints a representative. The role and responsibilities of CPRs are as follows:

  • CPRs are leaders and take the initiative to help new families feel welcome and connected.
  • They disseminate information to our parent community when it comes to supporting programs and initiatives from the administrative Leadership Team.
  • CPRs are trusted parents in the class; they listen to concerns and then liaises with administration so they can be addressed.
  • Administration consults the CPRs as a test group when trying new programs, before introducing new initiatives and when shaping community-wide communications. The CPRs’ opinions are valued and important.

If you are interested in volunteering for this role, please send an email to Beverly Coxford (Head of CPR group) at

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