Pathways to Graduation

Helping students fulfil post-secondary aspirations and career goals while receiving a quality Christian IB Education at WRCA

Introducing: Pathways

As we examined how the IB programme fit with our core purpose while helping to fulfil the diverse educational needs of the student community, we were presented with the following three questions:

  1. What is “IB For All”?
  2. How does our program fit with our core purpose?
  3. Is there a place for me at WRCA?

To answer these questions, we are introducing PATHWAYS, where Grade 11 – 12 students can pursue the IB Diploma Program, or follow a BC Graduation Diploma path (Mainstream+ or Application+). By offering these pathways to graduation, students will be able to fulfil post-secondary aspirations and career goals while receiving a quality, Christian IB Education at WRCA.

Click here to see a list of post-secondary institutions that have made offers of acceptance to recent WRCA graduates.

Click here to check out our Pathways information Sheet, or scroll down for more details.

Making Pathways Work

At WRCA, we want all of our students to succeed. By providing PATHWAYS to graduation, we move from one option, the full IB Diploma Program, to many options. These options provide flexibility as students assess their career goals and make well-informed course selections to provide the greatest avenue of post-secondary success suited for them.

The IB Diploma Programme provides the full experience of international-minded learning, and is best suited for students who are prepared to academically challenge themselves towards the greatest chance of attending a post-secondary venue of their choice.

The Mainstream+ pathway offers optional higher-level IB Courses and standard-level courses as they work towards their BC Graduation Diploma, offering a rigorous set of curriculum materials while giving flexibility in electives and study time management.

The Application+ pathway utilizes course requirements suitable for students who are more inclined towards community college, trades and a variety of apprenticeships. Standard level courses are included to help application students achieve academic excellence based on their skills, interests and abilities.


More Information

For more information about Pathways, please click here to check out our Pathways information Sheet.

If you have any further questions about Pathways, we look forward to speaking with you!

Joel Slofstra – Senior School Principal |

Jeff Weichel – Diploma Programme Coordinator |

Mary Kathryn Perrin – Academic Counsellor |

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