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Tuition Grid (2022-2023)

2022-2023 Tuition Grid (PDF) | Tuition / Donation Receipt Calculator | Tuition Payments Policy (PDF – Updated Jan 2022)

Tuition is determined by the grade of the oldest child attending WRCA.

Please Note: WRCA parents will receive a charitable donation receipt for the “Christian Education” portion that can be used when filing Canadian tax returns. This could be between 75 – 90% of tuition. This can substantially reduce the net cost of attending WRCA. See “Notes” below for more information. 

Tuition for One Child One-Time Payment Ten Monthly Payments
Junior Kindergarten (JK4) – 5 days/week $8,500 $850
Kindergarten-G5 (PYP – Primary Years Programme) 9,450 945
G6-G10 (MYP – Middle Years Programme) 10,500 1050
G11-G12 (DP – Diploma Programme/Pathways) 11,000 1100

Tuition for Second Child One-Time Payment Ten Monthly Payments
Junior Kindergarten (JK4) – 5 days/week $8,500 $850
Kindergarten-G5 (PYP – Primary Years Programme) 7,350 735
G6-G10 (MYP – Middle Years Programme) 7,850 785
G11-G12 (DP – Diploma Programme/Pathways) 8,400 840

Tuition for Third Child One-Time Payment Ten Monthly Payments
Junior Kindergarten (JK4) – 5 days/week $8,500 $850
Kindergarten-G5 (PYP – Primary Years Programme) 5,750 575
G6-G10 (MYP – Middle Years Programme) 5,750 575
G11-G12 (DP – Diploma Programme/Pathways) 6,300 630


  • CLICK HERE to use the Tuition Calculator to show your estimated total tuition, and to calculate your estimated donation receipt amount.
  • If you have Junior Kindergarten children, you may qualify for the Affordable Child Care Benefit. CLICK HERE to check if you qualify.
  • Fourth child (and onwards) is free (Unless the fourth, fifth, etc. child is in Junior Kindergarten whereby full tuition is payable).
  • A child care receipt for tax purposes is issued for all Junior Kindergarten tuition.
  • The Federal Government allows parents who choose faith-based schooling for their children to utilize a portion of their tuition fees as a charitable donation for income tax purposes. Please note:
    • This does not apply to students registered in our Junior Kindergarten (JK) or International Student Program (ISP).
    • This amount varies from year to year dependent on the cost of operating the school, the number of students attending, and the revenue received from sources other than tuition, for example, government grants.
    • The calculated cost for secular education per student attending WRCA is deducted from each student’s tuition fees paid, and the remainder qualifies as a charitable donation for tax purposes. White Rock Christian Academy estimates that the percentage of total tuition paid at WRCA that will qualify as a charitable donation for tax purposes to be between 75%-90%.

Payment Options

Unless otherwise authorized, payment must be by cheque or a completed Pre Authorized Debit (PAD).

  1. One-time payment is due by September 15th
  2. 10 Monthly payments are due from September 15th.

Every family MUST supply a completed PAD for miscellaneous fees during the year.

The total amount (school fees and tuition) includes all mandatory fees (retreats, field trips, music trips up to G8, G5 music rentals, IB exams and basic grad fees), and it does not include optional fees (music trips G9 and above, G6 and above music rentals, athletic fees, skiing, MSL trips and extra optional grad fees).

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Form Information

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Form Information: PAD forms are available here and can be submitted to the WRCA office or by email to


  • PAD forms must be submitted with a void cheque.
  • Please indicate on your completed PAD form the name(s) and grade(s) of your child(ren) attending WRCA.
  • If the Waiver of Pre-Notification section of the form is signed, there is no need to complete a new PAD form in subsequent years (when tuition changes or your family enrolls siblings in the school). If the waiver is signed, PAD withdrawals for the following year can be cancelled by written request via email to
  • Even if you are paying tuition in full in advance, a pre-authorized debit form (and the void cheque) is still required which authorizes the $400 forfeit for non-completed volunteer hours in June. Simply omit the amount to withdraw section of the PAD form.

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