WRCA is a category one independent school operated by the White Rock Christian Academy Board of Directors. The role of the school board is to hold the purpose, core values and vision of WRCA in trust for the WRCA community.

The Board of Directors

Directors of our board are members and representatives of the school society. They are legally and ultimately responsible for the school. The board, having been given this trust, makes policy decisions and procedures necessary to operate the school to enhance the school’s performance and reputation.

Heather Friesen
Board Chair

Dr. Alex Mazurek
Vice Chair

Ashley Peterson

Sunny Bining

Annette Sauder

Marco Belchoir

Tim Lo

Head of School

Director Commitments

At WRCA we are proud to have an active and engaged Board of Directors that are committed Christians, who understand the rationale for Christian education. Each Board member brings professional expertise and insights to support the Head of School and Leadership Team. As a collective, the Board works with the head of school to shape and guide the school’s strategic plan. With the Head of School and Leadership Team, the Board holds the trust of the school society, informs the school community, guides the strategic plan, and provides vision and leadership for the school’s continued growth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the board directly at

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