Tuition Calculator (Including JK)


  • Junior Kindergarten tuition is not included in fee discounts.
  • With Junior Kindergarten tuition not based on CRA, you receive the full amount back in a child-care receipt.
  • Tuition Fee is determined by the grade of the oldest child attending WRCA.
  • Fourth Child is free (excluding JK).

Donation Receipt Calculation:*

*Effective September 1, 2023, WRCA will now classify the following programs fees charged in the Senior School as additional tuition. This reclassification will allow these charges to be added to WRCA’s basic tuition charge when we calculate the tuition donation receipt every February: Outdoor Ed fees, Mandarin language fees, Drama fee, Spanish language fees, All Music/fine arts trip fees, MSL trips for grade 9-11. This calculator does not factor in these fees, as they vary from student to student, so your actual Tuition Donation Receipt amount will include a portion of these fees.

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