Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule for 2020-2021 is as follows:

Junior Kindergarten  8:45 am  1:00pm
Kindergarten – Grade 2  8:30 am  2:50 pm
Grades 3 – 5  8:30 am  3:00 pm
Grades 6 – 7  8:20 am  3:10 pm
Grades 8 – 9  8:10 am  3:30 pm
Grades 10 – 12  8:00 am  3:20 pm


  • There will be be no early dismissal for SS on Tuesdays.
  • There will be no late start on Thursdays.
  • Our start and end times are staggered for both the morning and the afternoon to accommodate for traffic and physical distancing.
  • Our external doors to the new building open at 8:25am and classroom doors open at 8:30am. Access in the afternoon will be at the dismissal bell.
  • JR SCHOOL PARENTS: If you plan to be parked at WRCA after school longer than 3.30pm, please do not park underground as the gate may be closed after 3.30pm.
  • THURSDAYS: Our staff’s Research and Development time is scheduled in the mornings.

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