The Impact Is For Life

We have an incredible plan and our community is very excited about this next step in campus development - our Sports Field Play Space.

Play: A Big Part of Learning

A big step for our community is building a outdoor play space.  We believe PLAY IS A BIG PART OF LEARNING and it is an essential part for the formation of the whole person; healthy minds, bodies, and spirits are enhanced through play. This space will be a feature for generations. It will build community, foster creativity and develop the whole person: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual.

A play space is a key feature to any campus and a highlight for children of all ages. All of us can remember playing as a child with our friends on playgrounds, fields and forests. We want to build a play space that provides memories for a lifetime for our children.

Covered Outdoor Courts

Children need a dry outdoor play space in our wet climate. An outdoor covered area comes with huge benefits. Children can play outside on rainy days. PE classes and sports teams can be scheduled in both the gym and the outdoor courts. Outdoor classes can occur in covered spaces.


Children need creative places to explore and develop their imagination and positive social interactions. An engaging, imaginative playground makes an impact for generations.

All Weather Field

Children need a multi-purpose all-weather field that can withstand continuous use by students of all ages throughout the year. Artificial turf provides space which will always look great, never turn to mud, and require minimal maintenance.


Children and parents need places to sit and visit before school, during play time, and after school. We want to build intentional community-building spaces for our families.

Multi-Age Spaces

Children of all ages need play spaces. We want this play space to have something for everyone. For example: outdoor concrete ping pong, amphitheater stairs for participating in outdoor chapels, soccer, basketball, volleyball, nautical-themed playgrounds… we are thoughtfully considering every detail to make the most of multi-age spaces.

Our Request

As we move towards the next big step for our campus, our request is that you prayerfully consider sharing your blessings in the form of a donation to help fund this exciting project. We have an incredible plan and our community is very excited about this next step in campus development.

To learn more about this exciting project, check out our information booklet below, or download it here.

If you would like to help us financially, please share your blessings by giving here. We will be in touch with you when the donation is processed. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in making an IMPACT FOR LIFE.

Please note: All donations to WRCA are deemed to be unrestricted and able to be used to further the general charitable purposes of the Society.

Student Donation Video

Making an Impact!

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