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*** IMPORTANT NOTE: NEW UNIFORM EXPECTATIONS will come into effect January 2020, with exceptions noted for basic polo shirts. ***

Click here for the new uniform expectations effective January 2020.

Uniform Store

The Uniform Store is located to the right of the main front entrance, behind the Cafe.

Regular Uniform Store Hours*:
Wednesdays 3:00pm – 5:30pm

*Schedule changes will be noted in the Parent Newsletter.

The WRCA Uniform Store carries gently used uniforms with our most recent crest and logo only. If you would like to donate any items, please make sure they are items that are in our updated dress code only. (i.e. no outdated pieces).

If you are wanting to see or try on any of the uniforms we also carry samples of everything.

All money will go to our benevolent fund.

Neat Uniforms: neatuniforms.ca
For grey skirt, pants & shorts

Bravo Apparel: bravoapparel.com
All other uniform pieces


  • Store Hours may occasionally vary. Please refer to the Weekly Newsletter for updates.
  • For volunteer opportunities or questions please contact Lyndell Richert at rlrichert@hotmail.com (Leave your name and contact info).

Uniform Expectations – September to December 2019

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: NEW UNIFORM EXPECTATIONS will come into effect January 2020, with exceptions noted for basic polo shirts. ***

Click here for the new uniform expectations effective January 2020.

Note: Junior Kindergarten uniform expectations are noted in the Junior Kindergarten Handbook given to all JK parents.

Additional Clarifications:

  • Senior School girls (Grade 6 to Grade 12) wear the WRCA kilt and Junior School girls (Kindergarten to Grade 5) wear the WRCA tunic.
  • Skirt and kilt lengths must not be hemmed above the knee, and bicycle shorts should be worn under the skirt or kilt.
  • Junior School students are not expected to change in and out of their PE uniforms. Therefore, the PE uniform is worn for the whole day on the days that the student has a PE class.
  • Pants, shorts, skirts, kilts, tunics, etc. must be WRCA uniform items. Similar items purchased from other suppliers are not acceptable.
  • Unadorned ankle or calf-length black boots are acceptable for girls. “Uggs”, flip-flops, sandals, slippers, etc. are not permitted.
  • Shoes should have all black uppers (including laces). Given the difficulty some parents are having in finding all black shoes, the “all black” rule has been relaxed to allow white soles.
  • WRCA team wear (hoodies, jackets, etc.) is designed for team members to wear to and from games. These items are not uniform substitutions or additions.  The only approved additional layers are the Optional Items listed in the grid above.
  • Athletic shoes may be worn with the Spring and Winter uniforms as long as they are all black uppers (see above). “Wheelie” shoes are not permitted.
  • Students may wear non-uniform jackets, footwear, etc. when playing outside. These items are to be removed when students return to class.
  • Parents: Check Labels… Thanks for labeling your children’s clothing. When doing laundry, please check the labels to make sure your child has the right clothes. This is especially important after a day with gym classes when clothing can easily get mixed up.
  • The following uniform items are being phased out and will be completely removed from the uniform by September 2020:
    • the grey hype jacket.  The navy hype jacket will continue to be available.
    • the fleece PE sweatpants.  These have been replaced by the nylon PE sweatpants
    • any items that have the old school logo.

If you have any questions please direct them to Mr. White: whitet@wrca.ca


Labels for all school needs. Shoes, clothing, stationery, gifts and more!
20% of the value of your order goes to the Capital Campaign (which will be doubled!)

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