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Parenting Seminar #4: “Parenting Through Connection”

Dear WRCA Parents,

You are all invited to our last WRCA Parenting Seminar #4 this year, called “Parenting Through Connection” with Susie Lang-Gould and Pete Prediger (both registered clinical counsellors), May 8, at 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the WRCA Chapel!

“Crossing the bridge from childhood to adulthood has never been so daunting. When we, parents, are able to understand our children and adolescents from the inside out it allows us to be there for them in the ways they need us. This workshop will provide information regarding childhood, adolescence and the three keys to the maturation process: attachment, emergence and integration. There will be opportunities for parents to reflect and connect with each other. Parents will also be given tools they can use to cultivate a deeper connection with their children and teens.”

I cannot wait for this!!!! Please feel free to invite individuals in your community because this seminar is an open invitation to our surrounding communities. The seminar costs $5, and for those of you who paid $20 at our first parenting seminar, it’s covered already 🙂 Thank you!!

Please RSVP Jodie Doerksen (details below).

I look forward to seeing you, May 8th!!

Kindest Regards,
Jodie Doerksen – doerksenj@wrca.ca


May 8
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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