Calendar Update

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1. Moving into the new Senior School Building

We are excited to move into the new Senior School building and we are now hoping to move into the new building on Monday 30 November. We feel it will be necessary to provide time for staff to move and settle into these new facilities, and two moving days be provided on Thursday and Friday 26/27 November 2020. Only senior school students would not attend school on these two days. With no early dismissal this year on Tuesday, there are many more hours of instruction to make up for these two days.  We will provide at least one-week notice to parents if for some reason these days need to be changed to later dates.

2. Off-site Learning Programming

The Ministry of Education has made it clear off-site learning is a temporary measure; however, approximately 20% of our students are currently enrolled in the off-site option. These students have a ‘reserved seat’ when they return to in-class learning, and the hope is that they will join in-class learning before the end of this school year.

We are offering a robust off-site learning program that allows these students to keep up with in-class students. Our teachers are working very hard to ensure both learning programs are provided, and yet it is a challenging situation. We are also asking teachers to provide additional supervision time due to the current pandemic.

We would like to provide our teachers with more programming time for off-site learning to ensure the program continues to be meet learning needs for students. While we have reduced the number of staff meetings and collaboration times, more time is needed to support our teachers. To provide more continuity this year, we have also eliminated late starts and early dismissals. Compared to previous years, this change means this year we are actually increasing weekly instructional time by 40 minutes on Tuesday (no early dismissal for SS = approx. 26 extra hours) and 30 minutes on Thursday (no late start for JS and SS = approx. 20 extra hours).

Three more additional non-instructional days have been added to provide more time for teachers for off-site programming on 29 January (Friday), 19 February (Friday) and 23 April (Friday) which can be justified through the increased weekly instructional time with no early dismissals and no late starts.  Staff will be required to attend and work at school on these days.

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