Back to School: Important Notes

WRCA is committed to providing the safest possible environment at our school. As such, we will diligently adhere to the standards, guidelines and protocols from the BC Centre for Disease Control and WorkSafeBC. We are also committed to fulfill all expectations as outlined in the COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 School Settings.

To address questions regarding the WRCA Restart Plan, we have developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. We hope this will be helpful in providing valuable information for parents and our school community. We also have a link detailing on-site/offsite learning.

We will provide updates regularly as we work though the challenges of reopening. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Parents are reminded of the following times for this year, starting on Tuesday 8 September, which will be a full day of classes:

Junior Kindergarten 8:45 am 1:00pm
Kindergarten - Grade 2 8:30 am 2:50 pm
Grades 3 - 5 8:30 am 3:00 pm
Grades 6 - 7 8:20 am 3:10 pm
Grades 8 - 9 8:10 am 3:30 pm
Grades 10 - 12 8:00 am 3:20 pm

Please note that we will no longer have Late-Start-Thursdays and Early-Dismissal-Tuesdays. This will allow us to increase classroom learning time and create consistency in our start and end times.



Students and staff are encouraged to only bring items that are necessary (e.g. backpacks, clothing, school supplies, water bottles). All items will be stored in the class homeroom. Students should not share personal items, including electronic devices, writing instruments, etc. Personal items should be labelled with the student’s name to discourage accidental sharing. Individual food and beverages are not to be shared. Students are to bring their own lunches and filled water bottles to school in the morning. Our water fountains are turned off but water bottle filling stations are still available. Teachers will review classroom protocols on Tuesday including all personal safety measures.


Students should wear masks, and all parents are to wear a mask at all times on campus (except 3 and 4 year olds from Jr. Kindergarten). Students should come to school wearing a face mask. Face masks will be required for all students and staff where physical distancing (2-metres) cannot be maintained outside of the cohort class homeroom. This includes common areas such as hallways, or anytime outside of the cohort (learning group) where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Students and staff will be required to wear face masks when entering the school building and when leaving to go home.

As a school, we have developed safety protocols that we feel are appropriate for our community. We have interpreted the following statement: all students and staff ‘are required to wear non-medical masks in high traffic areas such as hallways, or anytime outside of their learning group (cohort).’ So, while traveling to their cohort play area (or lunch area) students need to wear a mask. But once there, they can remove their mask. We recommend having a sturdy zip lock bag to store their mask when not in use. A lanyard could also be used if a pocket is unavailable.

Allow us to clarify:

Masks are required any time there is a risk of cohorts coming in to contact with one
another. Because of this, masks are required:
• When students are dropped off until they enter their first class
• When students leave a portable and are traveling to their next class
• When students are traveling to and from the bathroom
• When students leave their portable after eating and go to their assigned lunch zone
• When students travel from their assigned lunch zone to their first class after lunch
• When students are walked out by their last period teacher to their assigned pick up spot and until they are picked up

Masks are not required when students are within their cohort and there is no risks of cohorts
coming in to contact with one another. Because of this, masks are not required:
• When students are in their classrooms during class time and during lunch
• When students are in their assigned zone, with their cohort, during the lunch break (outside they don’t need masks in their cohort, in their lunch zone)


Students are asked to bring their own lunch and to not share with others. Students will be assigned to recess and lunch cohort play zones. Students may only play with members of their cohort.


Please scroll down for information on specific information for Junior and Senior School, uniforms, class lists, supply lists, technology considerations, and more.


We are looking forward to another great year in WRCA Jr. School. It is an unprecedented way to start a new school year, that is for sure. Please find the class list configuration for the coming year attached in this email. There were a lot of variables this year in creating these lists including off site learning numbers, friend groups, learning needs and new enrolments. We think we have the best class configurations after considering all the variables. Here is some important information to consider for the first day of school – Tuesday, September 8, 2020.


In Jr. School the cohorts are the grade level classes. Cohorts will remain together throughout the year for all activities that occur in school including, but not limited to, outside learning and break times (lunch, recess, classroom changes, etc.). We will plan for each cohort to have limited contact with other students and staff outside the cohort, including during break times (e.g. designated play areas for each cohort, etc.). Physical distancing of 2-metres will be expected for any contact with students or staff outside of the cohort.


Parents should use the gravel parking lot. Students will be dropped off by parents using our “Safe Physical Distancing Squares” marked in yellow on the pavement near the entrances to the Jr. School. Physical distancing will be implemented between all students in the line-up area.


  • Inside Main Building – Parents wear a mask (required)
  • Please CLICK HERE for the updated JK COVID-19 Policy and please check your emails from your JK Teacher.


  • Outside West Jr School Entrance (by the portables) Parents and students wear a mask (required)

Grade 1

  • Primary Playground (fenced in playground) Parents and students wear a mask (required)\

Grade 2

  • Outside North West Jr. School Entrance (by the picnic tables + 4square) Parents and students wear a mask (required)

Grade 3

  • By the Basketball Hoop (near the gravel lot) Parents and students wear a mask (required)

Grade 4

  • By the Equipment Box (near the 4square courts) Parents and students wear a mask (required)

Grade 5

  • On the 4Square Courts (near the middle of the building) Parents and students wear a mask (required)


Masks are required by all people while on campus except for inside cohort classrooms (optional) and 3 & 4-year olds (Junior Kindergarten). Parents are not permitted to enter the school building. Students will be greeted at the line up by the home room teacher (mask required), asked if they are feeling unwell (unwell students must return home), and then enter the building, one cohort at a time. Hand sanitizer will be issued at each classroom door by the homeroom teacher. Temp checks will be conducted in the classroom. Students who arrive late will need to check in with the main office, which will include a temperature and health check before heading to their classrooms. One-way direction arrows will direct safe physical distancing while traveling inside the school building. Playground areas will be closed during drop off and pick up times. Parents are encouraged to leave the school grounds as soon as possible and not use this time for visiting. Being on time for drop off and pick up will be greatly appreciated by all.


Parents should pick up their children from the same location they dropped them off in the morning at their “Safe Physical Distancing Squares.” Parents are encouraged to leave the school grounds as soon as possible and not use this time for visiting.


We are setting up 6 zones for play so that cohorts play together during recess and lunch. If there are a group of parents who would like to donate NEW items (or money to buy items) and a storage box for each zone, we think kids would be much more excited to play in different zones during this pandemic season. Contact Mr. Goertzen if you have ideas or would like to help him get this set up. Thanks so much.



Parents should drop off their children at the main entrance.
Students go directly to their first period classroom using a marked pathway along the south parking area, and maintain safe physical distancing.They are required to wear masks until they enter the classroom.

Parents are not permitted to enter the school buildings.

The times listed above are instruction start and end times. The first period teachers will be in the classrooms starting at 8am to provide supervision as necessary. Students will be greeted at the door of the classroom by the first period teacher, who will conduct the Temperature and Health Check. There will be a hand sanitization station in the classroom as well and all students will start the day cleaning their hands.
Students that arrive late will need to check in with the main office, which will include a temperature and health check before heading to their classrooms.


Staggered pick up times as listed above will reduce the amount of students dismissed at any one time. Grade 6 to 9 students will be picked up at the gravel parking lot. Grades 10 – 12 will be picked up at main entrance doors.

Cohorts will be brought directly to the pick-up area by their last period teacher to meet parents. Parents can help facilitate this process by being prompt.

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