On-site and Off-site Learning

Welcome back to WRCA! These are unusual days. We face many challenges in many different areas of our lives and fortunately we have the opportunity of being a part of the WRCA learning community and facing these challenges together. We are excited to begin another year of inspiring and cultivating godly citizens who transform their world for Christ.

For most of the summer we made plans to have everyone back at school on September 8th with proper safety procedures. We did a lot of planning. On August 26th, the BC Ministry of Education announced that off-site learning would also be a part of the September restart. This was new. Since then, we have worked hard to come up with a plan that provides as safe an environment as possible while we deliver fantastic IB Christian education for all our families – on-site and off-site.

CLICK HERE for our On-Site/Off-Site Learning Plan

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