Technology Use at WRCA

Students using Cell Phones / Mobile Devices / Laptops at school:

Appropriate use of technology at school is a growing concern for all schools. A board-approved Technology Use Policy serves to protect the interests of the school and its technology resource users.  The following are important highlights of the policy and significant changes for technology use at WRCA:

Appropriate technological devices will be permitted and/or provided at school for educational purposes.

  1. Students in senior school (G6-G12) are expected to provide their own appropriate technological device (e.g. laptop)
  2. Appropriate use of a permitted technological device at school is for educational purposes only (research, word processing, presentations and fulfilling classroom expectations).
  3. Students using an appropriate technological device inappropriately will have that device confiscated. (same as regulations above)

Inappropriate use of electronic information and communication technology may include, but is not limited to:

  • Attempting to bypass the schools firewall and/or other security measures
  • Attempting to access internet sites deemed inappropriate by WRCA
  • Using technology during school hours for non-educational purposes as defined by WRCA
  • Unauthorized use of devices deemed inappropriate in the school Technology Use Policy
  • Attempting to tether to a “hotspot” or providing a means for other students to access the internet in a manner that bypasses the school firewall (i.e. sharing a personal hotspot with classmates)
  • Using the network credentials of another user
  • Deliberately engaging in activity that reduces the quality of network services or negatively impacts the user experiences of others
  • Disconnecting, removing, disabling or deliberately damaging school provided technology equipment.

Student use of mobile devices, including cell phones, is prohibited at school during school hours and during school related activities.

  1. Safety concern:  We cannot monitor access to the internet.  The school’s network filters only apply to the school-provided Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Social concern: Mobile devices allow students to text, interact on social networking sites, and check their e-mails.  This is extremely distracting for not only the student (because they are obviously not paying attention), but can also become distracting for other students around them.

Regulations (taken from the policy):

  1. During school hours is defined as the time of which the first class starts until the end of the last class of the day.
  2. Students may store the mobile device in their locker or backpack but are not allowed to bring the device out during the school day including recess, between classes and at lunchtime.
  3. Mobile devices will be confiscated if seen or heard at school during school hours.
  4. Confiscated mobile devices will be brought to the main office and stored in a secure place.
  5. Confiscated mobile devices will only be relinquished to parents/guardians of the student who owns the device.
  6. School related activities include the entire duration of field trips, MSL trips, music, athletics or other school events.
  7.  If parents need to contact their child, they are requested to phone or email the school.  We will do our best to ensure messages for students are received.

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