2019-2020 Basketball Practice Schedule

2019-2020 Basketball Practice Schedule

Note: These are general times. Please refer to your team’s TEAMSNAP for schedule updates and changes.

Grade 6/7 Girls (Starting December)

Tuesday 7-8am

Wednesday 5-6:30pm (once per month)

Thursday 3:30-5pm

Grade 8 Girls

Monday 6:30-8pm

Tuesday 5-6:30pm

Thursday 6:30-8pm

Grade 6/7 Boys (Starting December)

Wednesday 3:30-5pm

Friday 3:30-5pm

Grade 8 Boys

Monday 3:30-5pm

Thursday 5-6:30pm

Friday 6:45-8am

Jr Boys

Monday 5-6:30pm

Tuesday 3:30-5pm

Wednesday 6:45-8am

Sr Boys

Monday 6:45-8am

Tuesday 6:30-8pm

Thursday 7-8:30am

Friday 6:30-8pm

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