Pedestrian Safety Around WRCA

Please ensure that you and your children are aware of safety in the parking lot and on the streets. We are thankful that we have some parking monitors to help out with safety on the parking lot, and we want to continue to encourage safety and awareness in the lots, but we encourage parents and children to be reminded of pedestrian safety outside of school grounds as well. Here are some guidelines to help with safety.

  • Please obey the parking monitors that are directing traffic. Please be patient as they work to keep the flow going.
  • When parking in the Main Lot, please make sure to back into the parking stall. This will help with traffic flow and safety in the parking lots. Please also follow the directions of the parking attendants.
  • Please be aware of pedestrians in the parking lot.
  • Drive no faster than 10 km/hour everywhere on WRCA property, including the underground parking.
  • Be careful at intersections. Watch for drivers turning left or right through crosswalks. Drivers may be focused on oncoming traffic and not see you.
  • Always cross at designated crosswalks and follow pedestrian signs and traffic signals. Walk and don’t run.
  • Make eye contact with drivers, as it’s hard to see pedestrians when visibility is poor in fall in winter. Never assume that a driver has seen you.
  • Remove your headphones and take a break from your phone while crossing the road.
  • Be as reflective as possible to make it easier for drivers to see you in wet weather, at dusk and at night.

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