Weekly Wrap Up June 29

This is the last wrap up before we break for summer. Please expect a start of school email sometime in mid-late August. This email will be full of additional important information regarding the new school year. Stay safe and blessings to all of you.

Summer Office Hours

The office will be closed for the summer on Fri July 6 and re-open on August 20th.

Grade 9-12 Student Spiritual Retreat at Rockridge

Current Grade 8-11 students should have received a permission form package regarding our upcoming Gr 9-12 Student Spiritual Retreat at Rockridge from Wednesday, September 12, 2018 to Friday, September 14, 2018. Please kindly take a look through the permission forms and fill out all the necessary information and hand it in to the office before you leave for the summer holidays. If you need extra forms, they are also available in the office. The office closes for the summer on Fri, July 6.

Important Dates Coming Up

6 July (F) – Office Closed for summer

20 August (M) – Office Reopens

31 Aug (F) – Class Lists (Jr School and Gr 6) Posted on Office Windows – see below.

4 Sept (Tu) – First Day of School

Please check our online calendar for other upcoming events. Many key events for 2018-2019 are listed.

Daily Schedule for 2018-2019

Our start and end times remain the same both in the morning and the afternoon to accommodate for traffic. Our staff’s Research and Development time will continue on Thursday mornings. Please see the time table below:

Grade Level  Start Time (Thursdays)  End Time
Junior Kindergarten  8:45 am (9:00 am)  12:45 pm
Kindergarten – Grade 2  8:30 am (9:00 am)  2:50 pm
Grades 3 – 5  8:30 am (9:00 am)  3:05 pm
Senior School – Grades 6 – 12  8:15 am (8:45 am)  3:20 pm

Class Lists for 2018-2019

JUNIOR SCHOOL CLASS-LISTS (Kindergarten – Grade 5)
Class lists, which indicate which homeroom teacher students will be assigned to, will be posted on the main office windows at 1pm on Aug. 31st, 2018. Junior School students will proceed directly to their homeroom class on the first day of school.

Senior school students (students in Grade 6 to Grade 12) will receive their individualized student schedules on the first day of school. Students should report to the gym at 8:15am to pick up their schedules, then proceed to their Block 1 class as indicated on the schedule.

Note 1: Students entering Grade 9 through 12 in September 2018 should make an appointment with our Academic Counsellor (Mrs. Perrin) prior to July 2018 to discuss course selection. Please email her directly (perrinm@wrca.ca) to schedule this appointment.

Note 2: Class-lists will also be posted for Grade 6 students (see above re: Junior School class-lists), so that the students can see which cohort (Gr6.1 or Gr6.2) they will be in, although they do not have a homeroom teacher. The purpose of this is to ease the transition from Junior School to Senior School.

School Supply Lists for 2018-2019

Click Here for School Supply Lists: http://wrca.ca/school-supply-lists/

Technology Considerations (Grades 8-12) for 2018-2019

Click here for Technology Considerations (Gr 8-12): http://wrca.ca/technology-considerations/

Uniform Expectations and Store Information

  • Uniform Expectations: http://wrca.ca/uniforms/
  • NOTE: Summer Hours:
    • Tue July 10th and Thu July 12th – 5pm to 7pm
    • Mon Aug 27th and Wed Aug 29th – 5pm to 7pm
  • The  store will stock samples of all uniform pieces. Come in to try on the items you need, then go home and order/pay for them online, and they will be delivered back to WRCA store for pick up.
  • Grey (skirt, pant & shorts): neatuniforms.ca
    All other uniform pieces: bravoapparel.com
  • If you have any questions, please contact Lyndell Richert (rlrichert@hotmail.com).

2018-2019 Calendar

Please click here for the 2018-2019 calendar.

2018-2019 Tuition Grid

Please click here for the 2018-2019 Tuition Grid and Notes.

Core Programs and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Our Core Programs and Experiential Learning Opportunities have been updated.

Please click here to see these changes outlined

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