Weekly Wrap Up June 9th

  1.  Athletics Dessert Night June 15th at 7:00PM
    The Athletics department will be hosting a dessert night for all grade 6-12 students (and their families) who participated on one or more WRCA sports teams this year. It will be a great time of celebrating the year and recognizing different achievements. Any team that has 100% attendance from it’s members will have it’s name entered in a draw for a TBA prize. Students/families attending are requested to bring a nut-free dessert plate (12-24 pieces/items) to share. Any questions about the event may be directed to Mr. Neufeld neufeldt@wrca.ca
  2. Japanese Student Program Celebrates 30 Years!
    WRCA and Chukyo High School are celebrating 30 years of friendship this year! We will be celebrating this long-standing relationship at the Japanese Student Graduation on Friday, January 26th.
    In preparation for this event, we are in need of volunteers. Assistance with bus driving (class 4 and class 2 licenses), decorating, catering and cleaning up are needed. Please contact Greg Mann at gldmsolutions@outlook.com for more information.
  3. Volunteers Needed
    Volunteer drivers needed to get student luggage to and from camp. No special license is required but a small van or SUV is necessary. Travel dates: August 13 & August 18. Volunteer hours can be applied to the 2017-2018 year term. Please contact Christine Bunkowski at bunkowskic@wrca.ca for more details.
  4.  Books 4 Eternity
    Thank you to all who supported this initiative to purchase Christian books for your family. The Library was able to add over $200 worth of Christian books to the Library! So wonderful!
  5. Grade 9 Japan Band and Mission and Service Learning (MSL) Experience (Spring 2018)
    There will be an Info. Meeting for Parents/Guardians/Caretakers and Students on Wednesday, June 14 from 7:00-7:30 pm in Mrs. Perrin’s classroom (Room 110).
    Please plan on attending as we will be providing some important information regarding next year’s Band and MSL Experience to Japan for current Grade 8 students.
  6. Library News
    Please return all Library books, Novels and Bible textbooks by June 16th.
    a) TEXTBOOKS must be returned to the library by June 16th. Should a textbook be missing, a replacement cost will be allocated. Grade 11 students may keep their IB textbooks over the summer.
    b) VOLUNTEERS are also needed to WASH AND MEND TEXTBOOKS. If you are in need of fulfilling those Volunteer hours, set aside some time during June 19th – 23th or June 26th -28th to help out. Please contact Eileen Bentley or Linda Baird @ 604-531-9186 ext 102
  7.  Parent Volunteers Needed for Sports Day
    Our PE department is hosting Junior School Sports Day on the last day of school – Friday, June 23. We are in need of parent volunteers to help run several stations and potentially lead some of the groups through the activities on that day. If you can volunteer, your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Please email Mark Reimer at reimerm@wrca.ca if you are interested in helping.
  8. Grade 7-11 Boys and Girls Basketball Tryouts
    On Tuesday, June 13th there will be basketball tryouts for Grade 7-11 at 3:30-5:00PM. These tryouts are being held to ascertain interest and potential team placement.

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