Chasing the Olympic Dream

It’s time for our WRCA community to come together and support one of its own. Tyrell Mara (’05) had an amazing career here at WRCA. He starred in both Track and Field and Basketball. He has left an indelible legacy here of not only Athletic excellence, but excellence of character as well. He approached is leadership role here at WRCA with sincerity and purpose understanding the spotlight he was in and the young, impressionable eyes that were on him.

Now he has set his sights on the Olympics in 2020 and there are opportunities for our community to support him on this journey. He’ll be holding a fundraiser on June 8th in Vancouver. The night will include a picture of his training regimen, along with some vision sharing with Tyrell and what got him on this journey. For more information see the link below

See this additional link for a piece the Vancouver Province recently did on Tyrell.

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